The company was founded in the 70 ‘by Cavalier Mario Francioli, entrusting it to some of his close associates, as an external drive to the parent company OEP Spa European leader in the construction of electric motors for vacuum cleaners. The activity, since then, has always consisted in mechanical processing, in particular the electric motor shafts. The turbulent growth of the parent company together with that of the country and the expansion into foreign markets made it mandatory, in those days, to have at home some important work, like that of the tree for electric motors.

In the early 90 ‘Cavalier Francioli had, for the age limit, leave the parent company to devote himself, with the help of her daughter Laura Marina and later his son Stabilini Rino, the current owners, in what is now the CAME Sas

The company had such a radical transformation: from company monocliente / single supplier, the former parent company OEP Spa is proposed on the market in search of new customers. The renovated park machine facilitated, even at a time not economically favorable, the acquisition of important new customers.

CAME s.a.s. from the very beginning made the same choices that made successful the company of then Patron, plently of all sound management and organized according to a certified quality system.

Since then the success of CAME were continuous and important, is to count among its clients the major groups of producers of electric motors, but also customers in several other areas with products with the same manufacturing process dell’abero for the electric motor.

Our Mission

Staff CAME Sas has as its objective the maximum customer satisfaction, so that the objectives of quality, cost and delivery, demanded by our clients, are all respected. We can ensure that the process, from estimating to production, is based on maximum cooperation with our customers, so that you continuously optimize the design, efficient production, as well as the stability of the costs.

We offer customers the best technology, efficient production, and since the first approach we collaborate, in the estimate phase / prototyping, with the customer so that the product not only has an economic cost adequate but has all the requirements because during production not there are problems.

We offer our employees the best working conditions and higher levels of training and development.

CAME SaS strives in every way for this mission is brought to the attention of all employees, so that they are involved in the responsibility to the customer and to the company.